• Arienette Wolfe

Pick a Pumpkin in Saskatoon

⭐️ Ive got a date idea for all my Saskatoon babes :)

Blackfox Farm is one of my favourite local locations year round but during fall you can visit to choose your own pumpkin 🎃

my fiancé and I visited the pumpkin patch at Blackfox Farm last weekend and we picked out three pumpkins to carve together 🖤

the pumpkin fields were so big! And all the pumpkins were so smooth! I’m so used to buying pumpkins from the grocery store during Halloween but I think I’ll be avoiding that in the future.

we paid $20 (bring your card as they can’t always accept cash out at the fields) for our pumpkins.

They charge based on the size of the pumpkin and there are sizing rings at the field that you can use to make sure you stay within your budget 👍


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